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May 31, 2005


Gihan Marasingha

As I'm still an indigent student, I pay no tax whatsoever (apart from VAT), and even as a junior academic, I'd only be slaving away till the end of Febrary.

Karim, being an IT guru must pay well if you're giving five months worth of your wages to the Exchequer!

I hope all is well with you otherwise; send me an email if you read this post.

Karim Bakhtiar

Hi Gihan,

> I pay no [direct] tax whatsoever <

Oh, rub it in, why don't you ;-P

The 5 months figure is not my personal 'tax freedom day', but the one for the average UK taxpayer. It includes income tax, national insurance, VAT, excise duties, related employers national insurance contributions, and all other taxes.

I would calculate my personal tax freedom day, but i) the Maths is beyond me ii) I'm far too lazy.

I had better go to bed now, as it's 1.25am and I've got to go to work tomorrow to help pay the taxes that fund all those ex-Imperial Students getting their PhDs. Bloody students, etc, etc...

UK Voter

It never ceases to amaze me how the government keeps telling different sections of the community how they are going to provide them with financial support, grants or teax credits. They do so as if it were their own money instead of ours. We all need to be reminded occasionally, that they are only handing back some of the money that they extracted from us in the first place. Lest we all forget, paying tax is mandatory, not optional (unless of course you are very rich) and if the government want more money to waste on more silly projects, initiatives or consultants, they just take it!

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